Saturday, October 10, 2009

Old music I desire

I was pleased to note that a google search for Radley Clack (original bassist for VOD) brought a guy to this page. It invoked memories of listening to some really good music in Cape Town when I was around 18-21. The venue of choice at that time was a club called Subjects, which was usually a goth club, but also had heavy metal afternoons every Saturday. They went through many incarnations, and I forget their later names.

The internets has lead me to some wonderful old rare stuff through bittorrent, music blogs, and the like, but I still have not been able to get hold of much from that time period. Damn good stuff it was too. I'm going to list my most desired bands and albums below. Perhaps some other bloke stumbling on this via a google search will be able to give me a lead on where to download or purchase one or more of 'em.

Alternative compilations from the 80s: In From The Cold, Flying Circus I and II.
Prophets of the City (Cape Town hiphop)
Carnage Visors (Cape Town electronic, think they only produced one demo)
Psychopathic Fairies (punk \ metal. Not sure if these guys even did a demo)
Psycho Reptiles - Have Beans Will Travel
Penguins in Bondage
VOD (original lineup, not later heavy metal oriented stuff)
Lords of Gehenna (again, not sure if these guys ever did a demo)

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