Saturday, February 10, 2007

UFOs, black dogs, and lots of flickr

  • At UFOMystic, Nick Redfern writes of the connection between UFOs and the large black dogs common in British cryptozoological lore. After relating one quite gripping story, he asks
    ...this raises deep and important questions about both Ufology and Cryptozoology, such as: how many of the still-elusive things that we pursue are flesh-and-blood entities, and how many may - in reality - originate in realms far stranger than we can possibly imagine?
  • I've downloaded a few more old snapshots, from the 1988 Cape Town castle excavations: CT Castle Excavation1 Stoneware with Toothbrush
  • A flickr slideshow of some very sweet casemods.
  • And here is a flickr photo from my Northern Illinois University days, currently no. 200 in my viewed list: DeKalb Street

Stuff I Collect - Militaria

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