Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things for which we don't need to constantly refresh our RSS feeds - 43Folders

Merlin Mann is known for his fun and inciteful posts on his various sites. This is an extract from a 43Folders post.

A few things I’ve learned I don’t need to know about the second they happen:

a new comment has been added to a 43 Folders post
a friend of mine has posted a new photo to Flickr
a very long message from a mailing list I never read has been delivered to my inbox
someone on LiveJournal is still disappointed with their (joblove liferoommatehairlunchother)
Technorati reports a new post somewhere in the world tagged “web 2.0″
the temperature in San Francisco has dropped one degree Farenheit
my FedEx package is still in Memphis

And, yet these are all things that I used to monitor manually via my RSS reader. Refresh all. Refresh all. Refresh all. Refresh all. Refresh all. Madness.

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