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1999 Travelogue

In 1999, shortly after the first Portland NOTOCON, I quit my job and headed on an extended roadtrip. My route took me to the Oregon coast, down Highway 101 all the way to L.A., then to Tucson, AZ via Joshua Tree. Today I rediscovered my travelogue of this road trip, and thought to post it here. I greatly enjoyed reading it again, and did not even cringe that many times.

Tuesday, 10 August I left Portland reasonably early, and drove south along the coast. I took with me a few clothes, a couple of books, basic magickal implements (which it turned out that I didn’t use), my Bast deity, and basic odds and ends like plates, etc. I had originally planned to be gone for about a month, but after examining my check book, realized that my funds were not equal to the purpose. Especially since I would not be coming back to a job. So, I left it open, thinking that perhaps I would be gone for about three weeks.Realizing about two hours into the journey that I had forgotten to take my sleeping bag, I…