Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quarga Zar (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

In April 2011, there was an "A-Z Challenge" among old school RPG (and other) bloggers. The idea was that every day of that month one would post an entry inspired by a letter of the alphabet, and in that manner cover all 26 letters in order.
I duly took part, resolving to focus on the fantastic old RuneQuest campaign setting Griffin Mountain, but only got up to P before my various character flaws (laziness, drunkenness, short attention span, etc) got the upper hand and thus on the 19th of the month I threw in the towel.
However, I regret nothing finished. Plus, the Griffin Mountain entries are among the most popular of my blog. (Though, admittedly, that ain't really saying much.) Thus will I begin again in a desultory fashion, and will gradually claw my way to Z.

However, the bugger about starting back up with Q is that Griffin Mountain as written does not have much for that letter. It is rather lacking in "Queens," for instance, though now that I think about it perhaps I should start a Google+ Circle for those.

Quarga Zar is a mistress race Troll and Kyger Litor Rune Priestess. She is accompanied by six of her Trollkin children. Any party of non-Troll adventurers will find her aloof and haughty. She in fact only speak to non-Trolls via her eldest daughter.
In all my various Griffin Mountain based campaigns, I can't recall ever having a party meet Quarga Zar and her happy little band. Luck of the dice, I suppose.

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