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"Penis Enlargement, Reduce of Vagina" - handouts of Cape Town

Step off the bus or taxi and enter into the hustle and bustle of the Parade in Cape Town, and you will most likely be offered a good many handouts by dejected and weary looking hustlers. These offer the prospective client a variety of medical and magical help which usually includes such services as penis enlargement, vagina reduction, weight loss, lifting of curses, exorcism of tokoloshes, help for premature ejaculation, help finding a marriage partner, getting beyond bad luck in gambling, and many other fine offerings.
I began collecting these, and have finally gotten around to scanning them. They are presented here both for your entertainment and as a kind of archive lest they be lost to history. You can click on each image for a larger version.

Chief Kanoin (and his associates) offer a limited number of services compared with those below, but has a pretty aesthetically pleasing flyer. And Sexy Queen sounds like a fine product.

Dr Adams, on the other hand, offers a very large range of …