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Blue Scorcher in Astoria

A brief entry to note that The Blue Scorcher Bakery Cafe in Astoria has become my favourite coffee shop in the world. They have a wide variety of baked goods (of course), as well as soups and the like. I just had their mulligatawny soup and it is thick and excellent.
Plus the staff is incredibly friendly. I always like that.
I should also note that the cafe is right next to the Fort George Brewery. Their Cavatica Stout has long been my very favorite beer.

New Age word of the year

From the Anti-Guru blog: manifrustration.

Couple of wget links

Jeffrey Veen shows a creative use for wget, demonstrating how to use it to download multiple files across sites.And here's the manual on wget.

Crowley and Barbara

I love goofy conspricy theories, and this one is certainly goofier than most: Is Aleister Crowley the father of Barbara Bush?

Schneier quote: actual security and the feeling of security

Bruce Schneier notes the difference between the feeling of security, and actual security:
Security is both a feeling and a reality, and they're different. You can feel secure, even if you're not. And you can be secure, even if you don't feel it. Really, there are two different concepts sharing the same word.
It seems to me that a good proportion of the measures set in place, whether by governments or otherwise, is to give the appearance of doing something, rather than providing actual security.

Christmas Day

Chess - S and T
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Part of Christmas Day was spent playing chess with Scott and Todd in a coffee shop in Ladd's Addition. I played a terrible game.