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Halberstadt - postcrossing card DE-249967

From a postcrossing chum in Germany.On back: Dom und Domschatz Halberstadt Dom Sankt Stephanus und Sankt Sixtus Blick von der Martinkirche

My truck aint going anywhere

My truck aint going anywhere
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But I don't really need to use it for anything. A nice brisk walk to the supermarket may be in order, but that's about it.

Fontana di Trevi - postcrossing card IT-15014

Handsome card from a postcrossing chum in Italy.

On back:

Fontana di Trevi
Fountain of Trevi
Fontaine de Trevi

Fotolibri su Roma di G. Gasponi:
Roma Ancora
Roma. La Pietra e l'Acqua
I Volti di Roma
Roma. Il Fascino dell'Arte e della Storia

Photobooks by G. Gasponi:
Rome Revealed
Rome. Water and Stone
Portrait of Rome
Rome. Fascination of Art and History.

Saturday God postcard

From my pal M- in Walla Walla, WA. I'm not sure what the actual title of this piece is, as there is nothing on the back of the postcard. If you know, leave a comment.

New cocktail: the Happy Hephalump

Pour a glass of delicious Amarula cream liqueur. Add Rogue Hazelnut spice rum to taste. Damn good.