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It finally happened

Nerdcore that is actually good and not just funny. MC Frontalot's 'It is Pitch Dark,' video directed by Jason Scott.

Brief: Iraqi metal and tapirs

Stop Smiling has a brief report on what looks to be Iraq's only heavy metal band, Acrassicauda. At present they are in exile in Syria.From the sad to the cutesy, which I usually hate. But Curious Animals is an interesting blog to play around in. Here is there entry on the tapir.

Brief: Greys and linux command line shutdown

The blog Damn Data takes a look at that most well-known aspect of the Greys: their big bonces. I rather feel sorry for the female Greys, as getting those big noggins through their birth canals must be quite an arduous business.This thread in the official Ubuntu forums gives some usual command line shutdown options.