Sunday, July 22, 2007

  • It's a little unfortunate, but some of the best South African musicians have not received broad appeal outside of that country. Of course one is always nostalgic for the music of one's youth, but in my opinion the South African music scene in the 80s was a match for anywhere in the world. Some of the bands of the period worth remembering include Psycho Reptiles, Falling Mirror, No Friends of Harry, V.O.D. (the original punk Radley Clack lineup), Dog Detachment.
    But of course there is also some damn exciting music happening in South Africa right now. Perhaps this internet age will allow South African musicians to get the exposure that they deserve, without the help of the big US record companies. My favourite of the lot, Fokofpolisiekar, may be hampered by the fact that they sing in Afrikaans, a language not widely spoken outside of South Africa. On the other hand, punk has universal appeal, so perhaps they can still break through.
    Thank god for youtube. Here is a couple of good 'uns.
    Kalahari Surfers, which really consists of Warwick Sony and whoever he is working with at the time, has been around for donkey's years but is still producing excellent material. Here is a youtube clip of Gangsta, courtesy of African Dope Records.

    And here is the brilliant Rastaman Teba, also courtesy African Dope:

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