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This old postcard postmarked 1986.

Lean IT - use (or lack thereof) of 5S

The following should be taken merely as musing, rather than the thoughtful exploration that this subject deserves.

Lean, as I understand it, developed in a warehouse \ manufacturing environment in order to facilitate production flow. In such an environment, 5S makes obvious sense. A physical workplace that is logically ordered, clean, and safe greatly enhances workflow, as well as being pleasant on the eye.

When I was receiving basic training in Lean, we learned about 5S in the context of 'Lean Office'. Here too 5S makes a great deal of obvious sense. When much of one's workflow involves paper (e.g. forms, bills, files, etc), there is much benefit to the order than 5S provides.

However, when we consider "Lean IT", it is my feeling that 5S is much less useful. (Note, not useless, just not nearly as useful as in other environments.) As an IT worker, 99% of my work is done at a computer. And, of course, most of the data with which I deal is only accessible via computer…

Wheatland Ferry

Oregon Ferry 1
Originally uploaded by AlhazredThe Wheatland Ferry, Oregon.

Sunday 02/01/2009 - delicious links for the week

Pages that I bookmarked this week:
Download Office 2003 Service Pack 3.
Boring stuff. For work.Interesting conspiracy rantings from one Sapphire.
JFK assassination, Gary Condit, etc etc.Questionable Content merchadise.Wondermark merchandise.An OSHA report from last year regarding a forklift accident and death at Con-way's Manchester, NH facility. Old, but new to me.The Buffalo Beast's 50 most loathsome people of 2008. Much is spot on.Scienceblog reports on findings that adolescents with less popular names are more likely to do crimes. Huh.From the BBC, an East German apartment that seems to have stayed untouched since before 1989.
An architect who renovates buildings in eastern Germany unlocked the door last week and was shocked to find himself in a veritable East German time warp.
It appears the inhabitant of the humble flat fled in a hurry and shrivelled bread rolls still lay in a string bag.
Grocery brands from the Socialist state filled the kitchen.Loren Coleman ponders Heath Le…


This already used postcard from 1981. As usual, personal names blurred.

On back:
Farsund. Utsikt mot byen med broen over Nordsundet.
View of the town.