Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catching up

One of the advantages of a blog post every day is that, although it may not have popular appeal, it serves as a diary, a reference. Of course one must remember to back up one's work. After all, blogger may go tits up one day, and you don't want all your data disappearing into the void.

It's a bloody awful winter's day here in Cape Town. Very rainy, with gale force winds. Not good for exploration, but good for sitting in ye olde Karma Cafe and catching up on one's blog. So this is a catch up entry, with the intention (ha!) that I will be updating more frequently in future.

Most frequent activity: walking along the beach.
We were lucky enough to get a holiday flat (called Sea Spray, for anyone interesting in renting it in the future) which is about 50 metres or so from the sea. So much time has been spent walking along the beach. I don't think of I could ever get tired of the iconic view of Table Mountain from Blaauwberg beach.
When I feel up to it I walk for about an hour up to the Blue Peter, usually with Adam, and have a cup of tea or coffee before the trip back.

Cape Town drivers:
Are the bloody rudest in the world. If Portland drivers are courteous to a fault, then Cape Town drivers are on the opposite extreme. The walk signal means nothing to these guys. Too afraid of carjackings to stop for pedestrians that have the right of way? I dunno, but it's really too bad.

Driver's License blues:
I have an older South African driver's license, one in my green ID book. The powers that be said that to convert it to the new version, I had to have a letter from my employer proving that I was working abroad in the year 2003. Good God. Such unnecessary bureaucracy.

Much more frequent than the busses, and they don't drive nearly as badly as people say.

Harold Porter:
Amazing botanical garden.

And... I just got sick of writing this post. So, more later. Honest.

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