Sunday, September 25, 2011

Red Bear Inn (A - Z of Griffin Mountain)

One of the advantages of a staying at the Red Bear Inn when one frequents the citadel of Trilus is that one is very likely to get a decent room. Alas for the owner, that is not because the rooms are themselves of a much higher quality than those of the other inn in the citadel, the Stuck Pig, but because the Red Bear is not a very popular establishment. It's owner, Regus Whitehair, is a Lunar citizen and Etyries initiate and as such the subject of many scurrilous rumours spread by local Triloi. It's even said that he consorts with demons. (Though come to think of it, perhaps that ain't that unlikely.)

So if you are looking for a bit of quiet downtime to recuperate from your adventure wounds, perhaps this is the inn for you. Or perhaps you have developed a taste for Elkoi Beer and are looking for a reliable source. But if getting to know the locals and hearing all sorts of juicy rumours is more of a priority, then get ye to the Stuck Pig.

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