Sunday, November 06, 2011

An unexplained text message

This just happened:
I am sitting on the couch, reading a biography of Philip K. Dick (Emmanuel Carrere's I Am Alive And You Are Dead), when I hear one of the cell phones in my house ring. But the ring tone, a short piece of the song 'Fokofpolisiekar' by the band of the same name is one that I have not used for many years. Upon further investigation, I find that one of my old cell phones has just received a new text message.
However, this phone, a Motorola RAZR, has not been active for many years. The message is in Italian ("d mi laboratorio") and the number is also an Italian one. Perplexed, I try and make an outgoing call on the phone to see if it has somehow become reactivated. But no, it has not.
I'm at a loss to explain it.

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