Monday, December 19, 2005

A bit more of Monday

Another Monday flickr favourite: haltertopless

A short bit on the Shakers -
I'd always expected that in the confusion and stress of this modern time, monastic and similar movements would gain in popularity. Looks like I'm wrong, though.

Don't screw with the bala ants - of my colleagues fell victim to an ant sting that confined him to bed with an ice pack, immobile, for thirty-six hours.

An alternative to Wikipedia - Digital Universe - to launch -
El Reg is scathing as usual: At least Digital Universe won't be encumbered by one immutable aspect of the more utopian Wikipedia: experts won't be find themselves against gangs of know-nothings. This immediately repelled all but the most dedicated experts, and over time, it began to repel the most dedicated and honorable amateur Wikipedians too.
Not that I really disagree with their assessment.

And finally, slashdot has a decent discussion on the gender gap in computer science studies. Oh, and the best way to read slashdot: take the time to register, and set your preferences to read the higher rated comments.

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