Sunday, September 10, 2006

Weekly Aleister Crowley Media Roundup I

As Crowley's name gets better known, he is mentioned (sometimes just in passing) more often in the mainstream media. I thought that it would be fun to catalogue these appearances in what may be a regular entry.

The lonelygirl15 saga seems to have been exposed as viral marketing (see this article from the Chicago Tribune as an example.) As to her connection with the Beast:
...Oblique references popped up to "my religion," which was never named but which forbade things such as attending Daniel's high school graduation party.
... Above her bookshelf hung a photo of famed occultist Aleister Crowley.

Apart from that there are three references to Crowley from the art world. By far the most interesting comes from South Africa's Mail and Guardian Online concerning the prolific artist Aryan Kaganof. I was not aware of this chap until reading this article, and his work seems rather interesting. Besides his gallery art and digital works, there is also
a stream of books (poems, stories, novels, musings) that have appeared in the past few years, under names including Abraxas, “the prophet of nothing”, a sort of Aleister Crowley manqué...

Of course Crowley continues mentioned in connection with various musicians including Tool (in which Adam Jones says in an interview with the San Antonio Express-News,
I meet fans and you can see it in their eyes that they're disappointed because I'm not some kind of Aleister Crowley guy.) They are also mentioned as an influenced on the 'Extreme Metal' (what happened to Death Metal?) band Celtic Frost, in an article on an upcoming show in Springfield.

And finally the Seattle Times has a review of Geoff Powter's book Strange and Dangerous Dreams, which I have previously written about in a previous entry.

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