Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vanishing dialects

  • Got this via the languagehat blog. The Telegraph reports that:
    A rare dialect that is only spoken by two elderly brothers is to be recorded for posterity before it disappears.
    Bobby Hogg, 87, and his brother Gordon, 80, are believed to be the last fluent speakers of the "Cromarty fisher dialect".
    It is said to be the most threatened dialect in Scotland and is to be recorded for an internet-based cultural archive.
    I wonder how many other dialects or whole languages will in future be preserved only through sound recording. A hell of a lot better than not being preserved at all, I suppose.
    Here's a list of extinct languages for your edification. Most are ancient, but many are recent ones that have died out. (e.g. there are many Native American languages in the list.)

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