Saturday, May 26, 2007

Werewolves in, well, not London

  • 'Do werewolves roam the woods of England?' asks Nick Redfern, over as There's Something in the Woods. He goes on to quote and analyze local newspaper reports from the woods of Cannock Chase. The gist of it is that there have been a rash of sitings such as the following:
    The creature was also apparently spotted by a scout leader walking over the forest land earlier in April. The man, who the Post stated did not want to be named, said he saw what he initially believed was a large dog prowling by the bushes. It was only when he got into his car to drive away that he realised something weird was afoot. He said: "It just looked like a huge dog. But when I slammed the door of my car it reared up on its back legs and ran into the trees. It must have been about six to seven feet tall. I know it sounds absolutely mad, but I know what I saw.”
    The comments to the entry are rather good too.
    The world is perhaps a lot more Buffyesque than commonly thought.

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