Sunday, December 23, 2007

Random Sunday postcard

  • I have a large postcard collection (>1100), all of which are unused. I have quite a few that people have sent me too, and hang on to those and treat 'em with loving care.
    Although internet social networking sites are a better tool for keeping in touch these days, I still use postcards for this also. Every sunday I throw my trusty multisided dice (actually, I have a few sets of those too) and pick a random friend from my list. Then I pick a random postcard using the dice again, or, since I have so many damn postcards, the internet random number generator.
    Of course only out of town contacts are on my postcard list. Sometimes the postcard comes back with "no forwarding address on file" and then it is time to search the person down and get an updated address, or sigh and remove them from the list. But I don't really like doing that.

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