Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blood in ye olde Kiss comics

  • When I was a young teenage headbanger, I loved KISS. The music was heavy (for the time) and the theatrics were entertaining. I grew to like them less as time went on, but still consider Kiss Alive and Kiss Alive II pretty good live albums.
    Then after listening to the infamous Fresh Air interview with Gene Simmons, I just gave up on him as an obnoxious twit.
    I saw an interesting piece of trivia today, though. Talking about the 1977 'Marvel Super Special' comic, which features a superpowered KISS, the io9 blog notes that the actual members of the band mixed in drops of their blood with the printing ink for that issue...
    Of course, they probably did it for the publicity. But even so it is a rather interesting magickal act.

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