Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How IT Support teams usually get engaged: an analogy

Bob works in a general fix-it shop. He handles all riding lawnmower repair. One day the owner comes to him and announces that he is also going to be handling any bobcat backhoes that come in for repair.

Bob points out to the owner that he doesn’t really know much about bobcats.

“Sure you do!” the owner retorts. “Bobcats are things you sit in, have four wheels, and are smaller than a Sherman tank. Just like riding mowers. Perfect for you! Besides, I just got this big contract with Grundy corporation to do all their bobcat repair. They’ll be delivering four broken ones in an hour. Can’t back out now!”

“Well, heck, do you have an repair manuals?” asks a downcast Bob.

The owner seems a little confused. “Repair manuals? Huh. I didn’t think you’d need any, talented guy like you. But I think I saw an old one page photocopy called ‘Bobcat starter motor problems.’ That should give you everything that you need!”

A couple of hours later Bob is up to his elbows in bobcat engine oil, quietly weeping.

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