Saturday, January 27, 2007

Isabatan, ball lightning, juggling, new CDs

Today's Top 5 links:

Jabal al-Lughat comes across a brief fragment of the now-extinct language of the Isabatan, a pre-Tuareg people of southern Algeria. I haven't recommended this blog as a regular read yet, so let me do so now: if you're interested in linguistics, it's well worth it.

It's an older post, an has been hanging around in my google news box for a while now. Brazilian scientists have managed to produce ball lightning in the lab. Interestingly enough, the article leads off by quoting Aleister Crowley on seeing ball lightning 'in the wild' in 1916:
Aleister Crowley once reported what he referred to as globular electricity in 1916, “what I can only describe as calm amazement, that a dazzling globe of electric fire, apparently between six and twelve inches in diameter was stationary about six inches below and to the right of my knee.” Mr. Crowley, it may not be all in your head.
The Beast shows up everywhere these days.

A lovely contact juggling video from jandrews1983 on youtube. Also, on the 'tube, check out this traditional dance from Fort Cochin, Kerala. Thanks, Arstel.

Huh. I share a birthday with both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jose Padilla.

My friend Camille just released a CD, Star-Eyed Siren. It's available through CDBaby. And Fokofpolisiekar has an EP that has been out for a little while, Brand Suid-Afrika.

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