Monday, January 29, 2007

Local Bozo, Iran, Sign, Two Brothers, Putin

1. Got this from See especially the last paragraph:

Speeding car slams into garage off Oregon 212
A car reaching speeds up to 100 mph slammed into the garage of a home located in the 14600 block of Oregon 212.
The incident occurred early this morning, Lt. Jamie Karn of the Clackamas County Fire District No. 1 said.
The home, located on the south side of the highway, was not damaged. No injuries were reported, Karn said.
Karn said the unidentified driver was racing another car when he smashed into the garage, just missing a 100-foot cliff dropping into the Clackamas River.
Making a bad situation worse, the driver lit a cigarette after the crash - a bad idea since gas was leaking from the car. He started a fire and ended up burning himself, Karn said.

2. Global Guerillas muses on the perceived inevitability of war with Iran.
The current situation is open loop -- an open loop system is one where all participants are regularly adding inputs without any consideration of the output/outcome... inputs from allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia (both fearful of growing Iranian power), impetus from guerrillas/militias forcing sectarian conflict, fears over ongoing nuclear development, mutual military preparation for conflict, and a need to assign blame for escalating counter-insurgency failures continue to drive it forward.

3. The thisisbroken blog usually has some rather entertaining signage. Today's entry is a winner.

4. Two Brothers, the Balkan Restaurant on 39th and SE Belmont, doesn't seem to have a homepage, but here is a discussion on I'm liking it a lot. The meals are damn tasty, and you can easily get two servings out of most of them.

5. Foreign Policy gives their list of the five most likely successors to Vladimir Putin as President of Russia. My money is on their number five. Of course I hadn't heard of the other four.

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