Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dante the curry loving dog and... a cute nerd list

  • It's cute, but I'll post it 'cos it's fun. It's the story of a doggie that loves his curry:
    ...Dante has such a taste for tandoori that he refuses to eat normal dog food and regularly turns up outside his local take aways and restaurants begging for curry.
    Unfortunately poor Dante developed bowel trouble as a result of his preferences, and the vet nixed his curry munching days. Luckily, a local restauranteur stepped in:
    ...Mohammed Asdar Ali, who owns the Village Tandoori on Beech Road, Chorlton, took pity on him and created a healthy dog-friendly chicken balti dish which will not inflame Dante’s bowel problems.
    Nothing like a good curry. Dante seems like a most discerning doggy.
  • And since we have that out the way, I may as well follow it up by recommending John Dyer's 'Top 1010 Clues that You're at a Really Good Nerd Party.' OK, enough cute stuff. I'm done.

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