Thursday, November 15, 2007

Every part of my body without exception

  • One of my favourite phrases ever published is found in Albert Bender's 1962 description of his experiences with the Men in Black, Flying Saucers and the Three Men. At one point, Bender is brought aboard a space ship. There he meets three comely alien ladies, who proceed to apply oil to his body. "They massaged every part of my body without exception..." wrote Bender. Lovely phrase.
    A recent blog entry in 'Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology'
    covers another case in which this rubbing down of all by aliens has occurred. For instance, one hapless lad has this done to him:
    They then covered him in a dark, amber-colored oil and placed the repulsive-looking female on top of him. The sexual act was rapidly consummated and the aliens fussed over him again, bathing him in the strange oil once more.
    Sounds like his alien ladies weren't as nice looking as Bender's, but he went a bit further with them. Unless Bender left out details for the sake out decorum.
    The fine Inexplicata article goes on to detail other instances of young Brazilian chaps having alien women forced upon them. It's a good read.

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