Friday, April 01, 2011

Allosauri (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

On one of the Old School RPG blogs that I read I came across an intriguing concept: on each of  the 26 non-Sundays of April, one posts every day, going up the alphabet to find subject matter. So I may as well give it a go here. I understand that one can sign up somewhere and commit oneself to it, but I'm going to skip that. For a start, I'm not a very prolific blogger and will probably not fulfil any post a day commitment.

And secondly, the subject matter is not going to be one that is even remotely interesting for most people, so I would sooner that these posts be found by search than a link on whatever site it is at which one registers for this month long event. I am going to be writing exclusively about aspects of the old Griffin Mountain campaign setting for RuneQuest 2nd Edition. I have long thought that this campaign represents a high point of the RPG, and frequently reread it with pleasure.

And thus to my first post - a shorter one.

A is for Allosauri

Allosaurs are giant carnivorous dinosaurs, and there are two of them found in Balazar and the Elder Wilds, the area of Glorantha in which the Griffin Mountain campaign takes place. Since there are only two of them in a large geographical area, there is little chance of encountering these fearsome beasts. On the other hand, if you do meet them, you have a good chance of being pretty fucked. Voracious carnivores, they "may attack anything they encounter unless they have just eaten a very large meal."

A is also for the Aldryami. Elves are common in the Elder Wilds and can also be found in Balazar, especially the citadel of Trilus, where they are developing a special relationship with King Yalarang Monsterslayer. However, more on that in subsequent posts.

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