Monday, April 11, 2011

Inoi Sessela (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

As far as non-human races go, Elves, Dwarves, Giants, Broos, and the like are quite plentiful in this campaign pack. But just as there is only one named Duck that can be found in all of Balazar and the Elder Wilds, there is only one party of Dragonewts that players are likely to encounter.
Not that the Dragonewts actually reside in the area - they are traveling through the area on a quite specific errand. Their leader, Inoi Sessela, was recently killed by a human adventurer who flayed him and and made armor out of the skin. Inoi has since been reborn (see the Glorantha wiki for Dragonewt rebirth) and is seeking vengeance.
Nowhere in the book is it mentioned who the perpetrator may be, this being left to the referee's discretion. The interesting possibilities are legion (for example, one of the characters could be approached with a view to buying some "unique armor".)
If encountered, Inoi Sessela's band will be quite garrulous for  dragonewts, as they are seeking information that will help them out in their quest. At no stage will they become allies or friends, though. Dragonewts just ain't like that.

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