Thursday, April 07, 2011

Firshala (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

Griffin Mountain is a large campaign book - a full 202 pages in length. There is an amazing amount of stuff for the characters to see and do, from getting involved in the politics of the region, to adventuring and fighting chaos, to seeking out interesting characters for fun and profit.

Balazar is pretty well mapped out, but the Elder Wilds to the north has much open space, and it is up to the referee as to where various "points of interest" are located. One of these, making for an excellent mini-adventure, is the prison of the goddess Firshala.

Firshala is a fire spirit that was imprisoned during the conflicts of the God Wars, and is now forgotten among the creatures of Glorantha. It happens that her prison is actually located somewhere in the Elder Wilds. Adventurers traveling through the region may chance upon a small earthen mound, upon which are two four meter plinths that are made of a bluish, waxy stone. It would be easy enough merely to pass these by (perhaps hurrying on to Griffin Mountain and the quest for the Wind Sword), but a sensible adventurer should think to cast a Detect Magic spell on the plinths. If they do, they will see the imprisoned Firshala in the form of a glowing woman, appealing to the adventurers to let her out of her jail.

Indeed, Firshala can be released merely by a Dispel Magic 4 spell. The gratitude of Firshala manifests itself as various Rune Magic spells for her rescuers, a stone that gives a one time Divine Intervention spell, and the chance to be her first worshipers in this new age. Indeed, if the players so choose, they can at this point develop the new Cult of Firshala themselves, within the logical boundaries inherent to Her nature as a fire spirit.

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