Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bunscotto the Kind Giant (A - Z of Griffin Mountain)

Giants are among the most memorable of the characters that one can meet in the RuneQuest Griffin Mountain campaign setting. My favourite is perhaps Hen Cik, the young gambler, but here I'll mention Bunscotto the Kind Giant.
For the most part, Giants are only found in the Elder Wilds, rather than the more civilised (relatively speaking) Balazar a little further to the south. Unlike many of the other Giants, Bunscotto is always friendly to any player character that is lucky enough to come across her. Indeed, Bunscotto is uniformly good-natured: whether they be gentle Chalana Arroy cultists or the vilest of chaos cultists, she treats all non-Giants like they were all cute little kids to be pampered.
In my last campaign, Bunscotto gave the party a good meal and a sanctuary for the night, and even taught one of them the Healing 6 spell for future use.

Of course B is also for Balazar, which is both the name of the geographical region in which most of the Griffin Mountain action takes place, as well as the hero of the same name. Bluebird the Lankhor Mhy Priest and Blueface the Shaman are both important people for the characters to get to know, as is another Giant, Boshbisil. As far as religions go, the canine oriented cult of Brother Dog (allied to Found Child the Hunter) can be interesting to play. And of course there is many a Broo to be found in the more chaotic areas of the Elder Wilds. The fine looking Broos below were drawn by Paul Jacquays.

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