Saturday, April 16, 2011

"No Pigs" Edict of Trilus (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

By far the majority of indigenous Balazarings are hunter-gatherers. However, there is a large minority who live in the citadels and earn their livelihood as pig herders. In Elkoi and Dykene, the pig herders live and rear their animals within the walls of the city, on the opposite end to the royal compounds.

In Trilus, however, it is a different story. King Yalaring Monsterslayer, the first of his dynasty, was a mere 21 years old when he seized the throne. He is a hunter through and through, indeed a winner of the Great Hunt before becoming King. And he is rather prejudiced against domesticated animals, and those who tend them. However, he does recognise the vital role that pigs play in the diet and economy of the citadel of Trilus, so rather than chuck them out altogether, he has banned them from the staying within the walls.

Thus it is that that the pig tenders of Trilus live with their animals in a flimsy stockade outside the citadel. Which may prove a bit of a bugger for them if there is ever a war, as the stockade is not much protection at all.

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