Wednesday, April 13, 2011

King's Inn (A - Z of Griffin Mountain)

There are no major characters, geographical locations, etc. in the Griffin Mountain campaign book that begin with K. So here are a few minor ones:

The King's Inn is the only boarding house in the city of Elkoi. It is a pleasingly homely place, though getting a cheap room is often difficult due to the overflow of Lunar troops billeted there. The grub to be had is bread and pork, and, of course, Elkoi Beer flows freely.
The owner is a chap by the name of Moraring Broom. He was a pig tender before getting a job at the inn, then had the good fortune of inheriting the whole business after the childless and alcoholic old owner broke his neck in a drunken fall. His pig tending ways behind him, Moraring now sports a paunch and much flashy clothing. He's a pleasant sort, though.

Turning to the citadel of Dykene, Karazar is the young son and heir to the throne of his father, Skilfil Heartpiercer. He's a bookish young lad of 10, more interested in learning than the arts of fighting and leadership. This does not sit overly well with his father.

Finally another giant. Karl the Midget is so called because he is a mere four meters tall, and will not be growing any taller. (Unless a Dispel Magic 4 spell is cast upon him, but Karl doesn't know that.) This sad state of affairs is the result of a curse placed upon him by a shaman, after Karl clumsily disturbed his mediation.
This has made him bitter and petulant, and he will be hostile if encountered. Usually he hangs out with his buddies Red Rockhammer and Tiny Treekicker, and the three of them delight in fucking shit up and generally being belligerent assholes.

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