Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Elkoi Beer (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

Yesterday's entry introduced the three citadels of Balazar, and focused on one of them: Dykene. It may be expected that today's entry would center on Elkoi, but alas, time is lacking. Instead, I'll mention one of Elkoi's stranger products: Elkoi Beer.

Elkoi Beer tastes quite watery, but has a bit of an unpleasant kick for the unwary. Those used to it drink it like water (to which it is rather close), but those sampling it for the first time have to make a resistance roll as if it were poison of potency 6. Fail the throw and you loss 1D8 of strength for 1D4 hours, as you spend your time ralphing, clinging to the floor, groaning, and generally wishing that Orlanth had chosen this moment to call you home.

Elkoi beer is served in the King's Inn (pictured below with proprietor Moraring Broom in the background) and in private hovels throughout the citadel. In addition, it is also served in the Stabbing Cat Lodging House and Tavern in Dykene, and Trilus' Stuck Pig Tavern.

Of course E also stands for the Elder Wilds, that area north of Balazar in which are found all manner of creatures and adventure. And among the numerous "E" non-player characters is Errap Barbacon, who earns his money as a wandering minstrel, but is actually scion of the royal house of Elkoi, traveling in disguise. And of course there are the Eleven Big Giant Mountains in the Elder Wilds, in which can perhaps be found.... well, giants.

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