Saturday, April 09, 2011

Hen Cik (A - Z of Griffin Mountain)

Although few in number, Giants are among the most memorable of the various characters in the Griffin Mountain setting. They range from the kindly Bunscotto to the wise Boshbisil to the assholes Tiny Treekicker and Karl the Midget.
Boshbisil is the leader of a small group settlement deep in the Rockwood Mountains in the southeastern section of the Elder Wilds. This settlement is actually the one terminus of Joh Mith's regular trading route, though its location is known to few outside of his caravan. (Hopefully Joh will be the subject of Tuesday's "J" entry.) The permanent inhabitants include Boshbisil, fellow Giants Sa Mita and Hen Cik, the Trollkin Paneye and Glockmoor, Mr. Greatness the Morokanth, Slang the Bear, Hrill the Roc, and Scree the Bear.
Hen Cik, is a 6 meter tall giant, and not the brightest in the world. He moons over Sa Mita, following her around, who tolerates him patiently. Hen is the proud owner of a pair of massive stone dice. These dice, 2 m³, were originally made by the Gods of Law and Change before time began. Each used them to prove a point: the God Law pointed out that the chance of a number coming up was always constant. The God of Change in his turn pointed out that any number could come up on the next roll.
Hen Cik himself does not use these dice for such lofty purposes; he plays crap with them, rolling them down a large depression. Little guys (that is, everyone except Giants) can use levers to move them.
Playing dice with Hen Cik was a real highlight of my first Griffin Mountain campaign, in which I was a player and my friend Patrick was referee. I was in High School then, and used to get a ride to Patrick's place in Duynesfontein, by the Koeberg nuclear power plant. Those were the days.

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