Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joh Mith (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

Sooner or later, every player will interact with Joh Mith. Good old Joh is an Issaries Rune Priest, based out of the citadel of Trilus. Most of the year, however, he is on the road with his wife Zix Porub, bodyguard Xigxag (a bloody big Troll), and the rest of his caravan. His trade route ranges from Elkoi in the East, to Dragon Pass, to the Eleven Big Giant Mountains in the Elder Wilds, and most places in-between. As long as you are prepared to pay elevated prices, one can get goods that are otherwise very hard to find within the boundaries of backward Balazar. (Like metal weapons and armor, for instance.) And for beginning players, being a guard with Joh Mith's caravan can provide a valuable source of income and experience.

Joh and his aforementioned wife Zix Porub (an Issaries Rune Lord herself) are an interesting study in contrasts. Whereas he is round and jovial, she is tall, thin, and taciturn. Though Joh himself ain't nothin' to fuck with, he usually leaves any fighting to her, or their scary bodyguard. Joh is beginning to show and feel his age, while Zix is still young and vigorous (she is his second wife). yet they are devoted one to another, and make a formidable team, whether trading or fighting.

As Joh Mith's influence is fairly ubiquitous in Balazar, he is a character that the referee can develop fully, to enrich player interaction. There is always a temptation to play Joh as a kind of impersonal storefront - if a character needs to obtain something, to take it for granted that they can find Joh Mith and buy it. It's far more fun to flesh out his character as much as possible, make his interactions with players full and thought out. That Joh ain't no bland NPC.

Joh's son (by his first marriage) Djimm Mith runs the Stuck Pig tavern and inn in Trilus, and will no doubt follow in his father's footsteps some day soon.

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