Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lunar Pavilion at Elkoi (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

Elkoi is the westernmost of the three Balazar citadels, and one on the furthest outposts of the Lunar Empire. It was only recently occupied by Lunar forces, and the inhabitants are not enamored with their new overlords. Nor is acculturation yet taking place to any large extent, although there is now a small amount of agriculture in the area around Elkoi. (Thus the advent of Elkoi Beer.)

Like the ancient Romans in our own world, the Lunars tolerate indigenous religions. Thus Elkoi is home to a temple of Yelmalio (which also has shrines to Found-Child and Balazar), and a Hero Shrine to Elkoi himself. But the Lunar state religion is also being introduced, and its focal point is a very large pavilion that is under construction just outside the northern walls of the citadel proper, and right next to garrison's barracks.

The interior will be sumptuous when it is finished, quite unlike anything else found in Balazar. There will be seven separate chapels, each dedicated to one of the Seven Mothers deities. Comfortable living quarters for the clergy will be located right next to the pavilion. When finished, the whole thing will be far and away the largest and most impressive temple complex in Balazar.

While the locals be impressed enough to come round to the Lunar way? I have my doubts, and perhaps this may lie more with the personalities involved than with any stonework. Luckily the first Seven Mothers Priestess to make Elkoi her home, Elecora Kindtongue, is a kind and gracious old lady, much beloved by all. Unfortunately the next one was Marusa, nicknamed the Shrew and a Priestess of Jalakeel the Witch, a completely different prospect altogether.

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