Monday, April 18, 2011

Orlanthi (A-Z of Griffin Mountain)

The Windsword is a legendary magical weapon found somewhere in the depths of the Elder Wilds, probably within Griffin Mountain itself. And apart from any player characters that may decide to hunt for this wondrous weapon, there are a couple of Orlanthi groups searching the region for hints of its whereabouts.

The first of these is led by the Wind Lord Torath Manover, and consist of the following folks: Torath himself is an older (30) warrior who has been in Balazar for some time now. The local Balazarings like him well enough, and he has even participated in a few Great Hunts. Apart from searching for the Windsword, he is vehemently anti-Lunar, and may well lead an attack on the garrison at Ellkoi these days.
With him is Throggar Giant-Baiter, a young Barbarian and Orlanth Priest, Lyson of Swenson, a Sartarite townie, Eucleia Stormfollower, an illegitimate daughter of Skilfil Heartpiercer of Dykene, and Raveena, ex of Apple Lane in Sartar.

Leading the second Orlanth group is the young Rune Priestess, Pay Surney. She is not a natural leader, being indecisive and not exactly of authoritative mien. But not being a good leader is not the same as being a pushover in a conflict, as many have found to their cost. With Pay are: Frettrick Vonvest of Sartar, a rich Sartarite noble, Andretta Wolfheim, incredibly charismatic and competent with the sword both, Dalfar Skyseeker, an aventurous youngster, and Harkenseye, who seems to aspire to being a walking arsenal.

Both groups may be found just about anywhere in Balazar or the Elder Wilds. Of the three citadels, they probably spend most time in Trilus, where there is a respectable Lightbringers Temple.

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