Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dykene (A - Z of Griffin Mountain)

The region now known as Balazar was named after a hero of the same name that settled the land during the Second Age, in the year 1082 of the Gloranthan calendar. Balazar had three sons: Trilus, Elkoi, and one daugher: Dykene. Today three citadels in this region bear the names of Balazar's children; Dykene is the easternmost of the three.

Dykene is presently ruled by the 40 year old King Skilfil Heartpiercer. Though settled now with his young son and his three concubines, in his youth Skilfil wandered the length and breadth of Balazar and the surrounding terrains. In the Greatway Mountains to the south he made lifelong contacts among the dwarves, and laid the ground for an economic relationship which exists today. Dykenian hunters travel south to the dwarven mountains to hunt wild game meat for them, and return to their citadel with bronze weaponry. Visiting dwarves can also be found at times within Dykene itself.

An old buddy of Skilfil's, Ostakker Three-Scar, owns the Stabbing Cat Lodging House and Tavern, the only inn of this small citadel. Ostakker sports three parallel scars across his face, a trophy from the run-in that he had with a sabre toothed tiger during his last adventure with Skilfil. Weary adventurers and other travelers can rest their weary bones for the night at the Stabbing Cat, and, if they are feeling brave, quaff down a mug of Elkoi beer.

Besides hero shrines to Balazar and Dykene, there is also a small temple to Yelmalio in the citadel, but no other formal cult buildings.

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